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Article Category: International

Genaro García Luna, Former Mexican Federal Police Chief, Arrested in “El Chapo” Bribery Case

Nathan Yerby ❘

The United States has arrested Genaro García Luna, Mexico's former Secretary of Public Security, for allegedly accepting bribes from "El Chapo."

Nemesio “El Mencho” Oseguera-Cervantes Is The DEA’s Most Wanted Mexican Drug Lord

Nathan Yerby ❘

The violent drug lord "El Mencho" has terrorized Mexico and trafficked drugs to the United States for years. The DEA is now prioritizing his capture.

The Chinese Government Sentences Nine Fentanyl Smugglers To Prison

Nathan Yerby ❘

The first joint U.S.-China narcotics investigation has resulted in prison sentences for nine Chinese smugglers who mailed the opioid fentanyl to Americans.

5,200 Deaths This Year In Overcrowded Philippines National Penitentiary

Michael Muldoon ❘

In recent years, the Philippines have seen record jumps in prison population and inmate death rate due, in part, to their violent anti-drug sentiment.

Singapore Bans Advertising For Sugary Drinks To Win The “War On Diabetes”

Nathan Yerby ❘

To address a diabetes crisis, the government of Singapore will ban all advertising for sugary drinks and require unhealthy labels for high-sugar beverages.

Russia Sentences Israeli-American Naama Issachar To 7 1/2 Years In Prison For 0.3 oz Of Marijuana

Nathan Yerby ❘

A Russian court has sentenced Naama Issachar, an 26 year-old Israeli-American, to prison on drug smuggling charges, igniting an international dispute.

Gut Bacteria Causes Man To Become Drunk Without Alcohol

Jena Hilliard ❘

A Chinese man was discovered with a rare condition that causes him to become drunk without drinking any alcohol due to a strain of gut bacteria.

Alcohol Consumption In Russia Has Declined By 43% Since 2003

Nathan Yerby ❘

A WHO report shows that restrictions on alcohol sales have caused Russians to drink less alcohol. Consequently, life expectency in Russia has increased.

Couple Mistakenly Receives Nearly 25,000 Ecstasy Pills In The Mail

Jena Hilliard ❘

A couple in Austria received quite a surprise when they woke up to package in the mail containing 24,800 ecstasy pills that were worth roughly $548,127.

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