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Article Category: Vaping

Fatal Respiratory Illnesses Possibly Linked To Vaping

Michael Muldoon ❘

A fatal lung disease sparks an investigation into the effects of vaping on the body. Researchers caution against vaping until more information is released.

Survey Shows Many Teenagers Use Highly Potent Marijuana Concentrates

Nathan Yerby ❘

A new Arizona study suggests that teenagers who use marijuana are likely to use potent and addictive marijuana concentrates.

Midwestern States Take Action Against Vaping

Nathan Yerby ❘

Michigan is banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, while the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is warning its residents to stop vaping altogether.

Doctors Claim E-Cigarettes Cause Adolescents To Become Addicted To Nicotine

Nathan Yerby ❘

The U.S. Surgeon General has declared vaping among teenagers an epidemic, and doctors fears that adolescants who vape may become addicted to nicotine.

Recent Study Links Vaping And Marijuana Use In Teens

Michael Muldoon ❘

A meta-analysis shows a link between teen vaping habits and marijuana use. What effects do these behaviors have on developing minds?

Vaping Is Crushing The Health And Dreams Of High School Athletes

Jena Hilliard ❘

Vaping amongst high school athletes is becoming increasingly common, effectively taking a severe toll on both their athletic and academic performances.

Doctors Don’t Know The Cause Of Vaping-Linked Hospitalizations

Krystina Murray ❘

There has been a recent explosion in vaping-linked hospitalizations, and doctors are still trying to identify the reasons why.

FDA Reports 127 Seizures Are Possibly Linked To Vaping

Nathan Yerby ❘

Since April, the FDA has received reports of 127 seizures which might have been caused by vaping. Learn more about how e-cigarettes might be harmful.

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