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Category: Mental Health

How Being Spiritual Helps In Addiction Recovery

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. Embracing spirituality can help you in addiction recovery and encourage others.

Making Positive Choices in Addiction Recovery

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

In addiction recovery, former drug users are faced with many choices. Choosing to smile with dignity can help keep addicts on their path to recovery.

Self-Medicating Anxiety: Prescription Painkiller Abuse

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Those with an anxiety disorder know how tempting it can be to turn to OxyContin, Norco or similar drugs. A person in recovery discusses why you shouldn't.

Recovery Basics: Building a Foundation for Your Body

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Caring for your body is important in recovery from addiction. Start building your body's foundation today by learning the basics.

Setting Boundaries in Sobriety: Lessons from Superman

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Addiction therapist Brian Carberg discusses the best ways to set boundaries during recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Online Gambling Addiction: A Risky Bet

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Online gambling addiction has serious financial, social and health consequences. It's also a growing problem for teens. Learn the signs and risks.

Sweating it Out: Exercise and Addiction Recovery

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Exercise really helps your recovery from addiction. No matter where you are in the process, simply walking outside can make a big difference.

The Science of Addiction: Breaking the Stigma

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

There’s a stigma in our society surrounding addiction — a belief that those who abuse drugs or alcohol are weak or morally failed. This is not correct.

Borderline Personality Disorder And Addiction: A Common Co-Occurence

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

SAMHSA estimates 8.9 million adults with substance addictions also have a co-occurring mental health condition, like borderline personality disorder (BPD).

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