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Was it a Slip or a Relapse? Knowing When to Return to Treatment

Mia Williams, MS ❘

Many people in recovery have been there. You’ve gone through a treatment program and completed it successfully—and then you relapsed.

The 6 Habits of the Happiest People in Recovery

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Staying sober after rehab is easy when you adopt the right habits. Read our latest blog to learn how people can achieve -- and maintain -- their sobriety.

Election Recap: Voters Approve Marijuana Access Laws In 9 States

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Nine states legalized medical or recreational marijuana on Election Night. Learn which states are changing their laws to increase marijauan access.

Supporting Your Romantic Partner Through Addiction Recovery

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Addiction to alcohol or drugs puts immense stress on romantic partners. Learn how to support your significant other as they go through recovery.

7 Things People in Recovery Wish You Knew

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

The best thing a person can do for someone recovering from addiction is stand by their side during their ongoing journey.

The Seven C’s for Helping Your Child Heal During Your Recovery

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

The "Seven C's" will help your child heal during your recovery. Find out how each one plays a role in talking to your child about addiction treatment.

Breaking The Cycle Of Addiction Across Generations

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Intergenerational addiction is a difficult cycle to end. Learn how you can break the dangerous cycle of substance abuse and create a better, sober life.

Sobriety Celebrations: Say Adios to Addiction During National Recovery Month

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Take pride in overcoming an addiction by hosting a sobriety celebration. Find out the best ways to have a fun and memorable recovery party.

5 Tips for Talking to a Friend about Addiction

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Watching a friend struggle with a drug addiction an be overwhelming and heartbreaking. Find out the top ways on how to get the conversation started.

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