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The True Cost Of Getting A DUI

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

A first offense DUI can cost anywhere from $11,000 to $30,000. Find out how this cost is calculated and how to avoid drinking and driving.

Fake Xanax Pills Linked To Fatalities Across The Nation

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Counterfeit Xanax pills containing fentanyl, a strong synthetic opioid, are being sold across the nation. Find out more about the danger of street drugs.

37 Tips For Making The Most Of Rehab (As Told By Recovering Addicts)

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

We asked over 400 recovering addicts on their advice for people entering an addiction treatment center. Find out what their top tips for rehab are.

The Effects of Isolation On Addiction

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Isolation is often the main antagonist against sobriety. Find out how to connect to others while taking the first step towards recovery.

Could You Be Replacing One Addiction With Another?

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Addiction replacement occurs when an individual in recovery transfers one addiction to another. Find out how to get treatment for addiction replacement.

These Are The 5 Most Addictive Substances On Earth

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Find out which drugs researchers have determined are the most addictive substances on the planet. Alcohol and nicotine are on the list.

Could A Virtual Reality Headset Curb An Addiction To Heroin?

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

A recent study tests out the effectiveness of using virtual reality technology to individuals overcome addictions and learn important coping skills.

Terry Crews Opens Up About Pornography Addiction To Help Others

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Terry Crews discusses his struggle with pornography and how he developed this addiction and eventually overcame it. Find out how to get help.

The Impact Of Eating Disorders In Men

Jeffrey Juergens ❘

Eating disorders are becoming increasingly prevalent among males. Find out how to diagnose disordered eating in men and when to get treatment.

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