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Hepatitis A Spreads As Aftershock Of Opioid Epidemic

Michael Muldoon ❘

Hepatitis A has been spreading around the US at an alarming rate. Experts think the opioid epidemic is fueling this contagious infection, but how?

Quitting Technology And Social Media Addictions Is Harder Than Quitting Cigarettes

Krystina Murray ❘

Technology and social media have become a staple for many, and quitting addictions to both may be harder than quitting cigarettes.

Dopamine Denial: New Cocaine Treatment?

Michael Muldoon ❘

Researchers out of Oregon have found promising results when altering the way the brain manages dopamine through denial when addicted to or using cocaine.

FDA Reports 127 Seizures Are Possibly Linked To Vaping

Nathan Yerby ❘

Since April, the FDA has received reports of 127 seizures which might have been caused by vaping. Learn more about how e-cigarettes might be harmful.

Meth Overdoses And Seizures On The Rise

Krystina Murray ❘

The number of meth overdoses and seizures are on the rise across the country, as the rates of meth use skyrocket in many areas.

Exposure To Nature Helps With Addiction And Cravings

Natalie Hoeg ❘

A new study has found that exposure to nature and greenery can help those recovering from an addiction deal with cravings.

1 In 10 Older Americans Indulge In Binge Drinking According To Study

Krystina Murray ❘

Older Americans are binge drinking at greater rates. A new study details reasons why, including coping with health problems, and ways to reduce this issue.

Kylie Jenner Pushes Instagram’s Latest Wellness Fad: CBD-Infused Happy Tea

Jena Hilliard ❘

Billionaire cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner joins the CBD marketing industry with a promotion post for the new CBD-laced product Happy Tea.

Former American Idol Facing At Least 10 Years In Prison

Michael Muldoon ❘

American Idol contestant Antonella Barba finds herself pleading guilty to 11 federal drug charges. Police found cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl in her car.

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