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Luxury Rehab: FAQs

When looking for a rehab option, cost is often one of the primary considerations. Pricing varies greatly depending on the type of rehab treatment and type of facility. If you've heard of luxury rehab, here are some FAQs and their answers.

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What’s Different About The Amenities?

Luxury rehabs distinguish themselves by the kind of atmosphere they offer for their clients. The goal of most facilities is to offer the most comfortable experience possible. Where more affordable rehabs may offer shared living spaces, luxury facilities can offer more private experiences. Below are more common luxury rehab FAQs.

What’s different about the treatment?

On a large scale, normal rehabs offer many of the same services as luxury rehabs. But luxury facilities frequently offer the highest available quality treatment. The increased cost allows for more diverse treatment approaches to ensure a customized treatment plan for each client.

While the average treatment center and a luxury facility may both utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the frequency of treatment may vary or their access to ancillary treatments like equine therapy may differ. The more expensive nature of luxury rehab also limits the number of clients compared to other inpatient programs. A more even ratio of clients to specialists allows for an extremely personalized approach to treatment. It allows for treatment staff to interface with their clients more frequently if needed compared to facilities hosting a larger number of clients.

Are there differences in visitation policy?

The visitation policies ultimately depend on the program and facility. Some treatments involve family therapy to repair any rifts caused by substance use disorders. If you travel to a different country for rehab, that may be a complicating factor based on whether or not you can move your family along with you. If anonymity is a concern, it may also be more difficult to keep your recovery confidential while involving a family.

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What can you bring with you to luxury rehab?

The essentials for a month of living like clothes, toiletries, etc. are good items to bring with you to rehab. Some treatment facilities push their clients to leave as many non-essentials home as possible in order to accentuate the “getting away from it all” effect of rehab. In luxury rehab, it’s understood that certain clients will not be able to abandon all contact for an entire month or more depending on their job.

Can you work remotely?

Many treatment providers recommend taking time off to pursue treatment if possible. The time spent resolving substance use disorders can be seen as an investment in future success rather than a diversion from current projects.

That being said, some facilities may allow someone to continue certain kinds of work or checking in on their businesses. Different people require different kinds of management in their rehab experience, and if that means they need to continue working on some level, then a luxury rehab may be able to accommodate them.

What’s the cost?

As the name suggests, luxury rehab comes at an increased cost to those seeking treatment. The upscaled amenities and resources available to clients in luxury rehab are thought to justify the cost.

An average inpatient rehab may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 for a full month. Depending on where you’re looking and the quality of the facility, there may be some overlap in the pricing on normal and luxury rehab. Luxury options can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per month. The cost may seem steep, but providers will argue that the amenities, treatment resources, anonymity, and location all justify the cost, as well as the fact that they cater to a specific clientele.

Can you travel for luxury rehab?

The location of the rehab is completely up to the discretion of the person seeking treatment. If you know you can afford the available treatment and travel costs in a different country, then it’s completely feasible.

This option may appeal to higher profile people seeking treatment and anonymity. Getting away from it all to seek treatment can allow you to focus in on your recovery and traveling to rehab really exaggerates that idea of getting away.

Is Luxury Rehab Anonymous?

Like almost all medical facilities, client confidentiality is a top priority in luxury rehab. Details like identity, reasons for seeking treatment, and treatment plans are kept confidential between the client and any relevant treatment staff members.

Luxury rehabs hold anonymity to a high standard because of their usual clientele. People who exist in the public eye or who hold a high station in society can often be exposed to an intense scrutiny when dealing with substance use disorders.



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