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Inhalant Treatment and Rehab

Inhalant addiction is unique in many aspects due to the psychological consequences that develop with chronic abuse. It is therefore important to find the right treatment.

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Silver Lining Recovery

Huntington Beach, CA

Multiple Levels of Care


Life Center of Galax

Galax, VA

Multiple Levels of Care


Azure Acres Recovery

Sebastopol, CA

Multiple Levels of Care


Recovering Champions

Falmouth, MA



Atlantic Recovery Center

Davie, FL

Full Spectrum of Care


SOBA New Jersey

New Brunswick, NJ

Multiple Levels of Care


Cove Forge Behavioral Health Center

Williamsburg, PA

Multiple Levels of Care


Wilmington Treatment Center

Wilmington, NC

Multiple Levels of Care


Boca Recovery Center – New Jersey

Galloway, NJ

Full Spectrum of Care


Northlake Recovery

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Multiple Levels of Care


Southeast Addiction Center

Atlanta, GA

Multiple Levels of Care


Newport Institute for Young Adults – Southern California

Santa Ana, CA

Multiple Levels of Care


Sunflower Wellness Retreat

Osawatomie, KS

Multiple Levels of Care


Ambrosia Treatment Center – Westcoast

Beverly Hills, CA

Multiple Levels of Care


Bayside Marin Treatment Center

San Rafael, CA

Multiple Levels of Care


Recovery Unplugged Austin Rehab Center

Austin, TX

Multiple Levels of Care


Oceanside Malibu

Malibu, CA

Full Spectrum of Care


Beachside Rehab

Fort Pierce, FL

Multiple Levels of Care


Mount Regis Center

Salem, VA

Multiple Levels of Care


Northlake Behavioral Health System

Baton Rouge, LA

Full Spectrum of Care


Amethyst Recovery

Port St. Lucie, FL

Multiple Levels of Care


North Palm Beach Recovery Center

North Palm Beach, FL

Multiple Levels of Care


Boca Recovery Center – Florida

Boca Raton, FL

Full Spectrum of Care


White Deer Run

Allenwood, PA

Multiple Levels of Care


Bluff Plantation

Augusta, GA



Newport Academy – Teen Rehab Center

Bethlehem, CT

Multiple Levels of Care


Steps Recovery Center – St. George

St. George, UT

Full Spectrum of Care


The Poseidon Method

Mykonos, Greece

Full Spectrum of Care


Indiana Center for Recovery

Bloomington, IN

Full Spectrum of Care


Clear Life Recovery

Costa Mesa, CA

Full Spectrum of Care


Northbound Treatment Services

Irvine, CA

Full Spectrum of Care


Huntington Creek Recovery Center

Shickshinny, PA

Multiple Levels of Care


Denver Recovery Center

Denver, CO

Multiple Levels of Care


The Detox Center

Boca Raton, FL

Full Spectrum of Care


Bedrock Recovery Center

Canton, MA

Multiple Levels of Care


Mountainview Recovery

Asheville, NC

Multiple Levels of Care


Pinnacle Peak Recovery

Scottsdale, AZ

Multiple Levels of Care


Newport Institute for Young Adults – Northern California

Sunol, CA

Multiple Levels of Care


Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab

Calistoga, CA

Multiple Levels of Care


Northbound Treatment Services – San Diego

Irvine, CA

Full Spectrum of Care


Moonlight Mountain Recovery – Nampa

Nampa, ID

Multiple Levels of Care


The Camp Recovery Center

Scotts Valley, CA

Multiple Levels of Care


Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale

Fourt Lauderdale, FL

Full Spectrum of Care


Bradford Recovery Center

Millerton, PA

Multiple Levels of Care


United Recovery Project

Hollywood, FL

Multiple Levels of Care


Asheville Recovery Center

Asheville, NC

Multiple Levels of Care


Pocono Mountain Recovery Center

Henryville, PA

Multiple Levels of Care


Recovery Unplugged – Harrison House of Northern Virginia

Annandale, VA

Multiple Levels of Care


America’s Rehab Campuses

Tucson, AZ

Multiple Levels of Care


Starlite Recovery Center

Center Point, TX

Multiple Levels of Care


The Recovery Team

Lake Park, FL

Multiple Levels of Care


Ambrosia Treatment Center – Northeast

Philadelphia, PA

Multiple Levels of Care


Spring Hill Recovery

Ashby, MA

Full Spectrum of Care


The Haven Detox

West Palm Beach, FL

Multiple Levels of Care


Recovery Unplugged – Austin Detox

Austin, TX



Ambrosia Treatment Center

West Palm Beach, FL



Annie’s House

Draper, UT

Full Spectrum of Care


Northeast Addiction Treatment Center

Quincy, MA

Multiple Levels of Care


New England Recovery & Wellness

Concord, NH

Multiple Levels of Care


Keystone Treatment Center

Canton, SD

Multiple Levels of Care


CNV Detox

Los Angeles, CA



Moonlight Mountain Recovery

Pocatello, ID

Multiple Levels of Care


1st Step Behavioral Health

Pompano Beach, FL

Full Spectrum of Care


Steps Recovery Center

Payson, UT

Full Spectrum of Care


Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth Detox, Rehab, and Treatment Center

Lake Worth, FL

Multiple Levels of Care


Wish Recovery

Northridge, CA

Multiple Levels of Care


Southeast Addiction Center – Nashville

Nashville, TN

Multiple Levels of Care


Inhalant Addiction Treatment

Group TherapyThe first step in beating an addiction to inhalants is finding treatment. Treating an inhalant addiction typically involves attending an inpatient rehabilitation center (and often outpatient rehab as well), 12-step programs, support groups, and therapy. It is important to have a substance abuse assessment completed by an addiction professional to determine the appropriate treatment process for each individual.

Some people experience symptoms of withdrawal when they stop taking inhalants. The type and severity of these symptoms are determined by a number of factors such as the duration of the addiction, the severity of the addiction, whether multiple substances were abused, and the abuser’s mental health and medical history. For these people, medically supervised detox and inpatient rehabs offer the best chances of a successful recovery because around-the-clock care keeps users from being tempted to relapse.

Treatment Centers for Inhalant Addiction

Rehabs that have doctors and clinicians on staff are informed of the best treatment options for a broad range of addictions. To find a rehab that specializes in treatment for inhalant addiction, visit our rehabs directory and find the right fit for you.

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Detox From Inhalants

Detox is the first phase in treating someone with an inhalant addiction. Detoxing from inhalant abuse may take longer than other substances; chronic inhalant abusers may need several weeks to fully detox. Inhalants accumulate in the fatty tissue of the brain, heart, liver and muscles, which is why chronic inhalant abusers take longer to fully rid their body of the substance. The detox period allows chemicals stored in the body to be flushed out.

During detox, people getting clean from inhalants may also experience physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal. These withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Hand tremors
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Brief hallucinations

Most people who stop taking inhalants do not experience withdrawal symptoms. If they do, these symptoms usually start showing up around 24 to 48 hours after quitting. There aren’t any medications specifically designated to help alleviate the symptoms of inhalant withdrawal, but doctors may recommend supplements to help with the nausea and sleeplessness.

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Inpatient Rehabilitation for Inhalant Addiction

An inpatient rehabilitation center can be beneficial since inhalants are legal and easy to acquire. However, going through rehabilitation for an inhalant addiction is generally not the same as the process for more common addictions. It is recommended for incoming patients to have a physical exam in case they have an inhalant-related health problem, such as liver or kidney abnormalities. The patient should also be assessed for any co-occurring mental conditions.

The mental disorders that develop from abusing inhalants may require specialized treatment beyond that provided at most drug rehab facilities.

Typical methods of treatment for addiction may be beneficial for someone struggling with an inhalant use disorder. Inpatient rehabs provide a supportive environment that helps mitigate the temptation to use.

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Ongoing Recovery

Ongoing treatment is a crucial tool to prevent relapse. Therapy and support groups are the two main tools used by those who are addicted to inhalants. The psychological and social problems caused by chronic abuse of inhalants can be overcome with ongoing cognitive behavioral therapy. This kind of therapy is used to rehabilitate those with an addiction and help them understand the underlying causes of their addiction.

Support is essential to recovery because people are rarely able to fully recover on their own.

Support groups and family are great resources for people going through treatment. They can provide motivation to stay clean as well as a group of people with whom a newly sober person can relate. Those with underlying mental disorders may be prescribed medication to help them manage and find successful recovery.

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Finding Treatment for Inhalant Addiction

Recovery from inhalant addiction is possible through specialized treatment plans, and finding treatment can be easy with the right help. Deciding to get well and break your addiction to inhalants could be a life-saving decision. If you or a loved one are struggling with an inhalant addiction, finding the right treatment center is imperative to your success. Contact a treatment provider now, so we can help you find the treatment you need.

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