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Recovery Stories

These stories reflect the strength and determination of individuals who have overcome the grip of addiction and embraced a life of recovery. Their experiences offer inspiration, support, and encouragement to those still fighting their battles.

Madeline Forrest

Founder of Happiest Sober

Madeleine Forrest, sober content creator, writer, podcast host, and creator of the Happiest Sober Hub, shares her recovery story.

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"It's easy to romanticize how fun drinking will be, but that's not the full story."

Rachel Hechtman

Sober Life Coach

Rachel Hechtman, recovery advocate and sober life coach, celebrates 34 months of sobriety and shares her incredible recovery story.

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Without COVID, I don’t know if I would have gotten sober at all. I thought, 'Did I manifest this?'

David Hampton

Certified Professional Recovery Coach

David Hampton, Certified Professional Recovery Coach, shares his personal story with addiction and nearly 20-year long recovery journey.

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My unaddressed fears and pain, along with anticipatory grief and anger, began accumulating. It was too painful to manage without alcohol.

Jen Hirst

Founder of Lighthouse Sobriety

Jen Hirst, founder of Lighthouse Sobriety, celebrates 10 years of sobriety and shares her incredible recovery story.

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I did my drinking at home, hiding bottles around the house. On the outside, it looked like I had it all together, but on the inside I was collapsing.

Daniella Park

Founder of Doing It Sober

Daniella Park, recovery advocate, author, and founder of Doing It Sober, celebrates 17 years of sobriety and shares her incredible story.

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When I got sober, I had to completely change everything. Rebirth is what I had to do. I had to relearn how to live.

Kate Baily

Co-founder of the "Love Sober" podcast and author of "Love Your Sober Year"

Established author, podcast host, and sober midlife coach Kate Baily details her journey to sobriety and the lessons she learned.

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I feel strongly about how little support women have, especially when you've had children, those big rites of passage.

Mandy Manners

Sober Coach and author of "Love Yourself Sober"

Mandy Manners, a certified sober life coach, author, and mental health activist celebrates 5 years of sobriety and shared her experiences.

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There is a power in sharing our stories, so why not make the most painful thing in my life the thing that gives me power?

Dan Mager

LMSW and author of "Some Assembly Required: Recovery from Addiction and Chronic Pain"

Dan Manger, licensed master social worker and recovering addict, shares his story, and explains how chronic pain fed into his addiction.

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Recovery lets you heal the damage and become stronger, just as broken bones can become stronger after they heal.

Jerry Lawson

Licensed mental health counselor and CEO of You Matter Counseling Services

Jerry almost died from his addiction. He found out that rescue is possible while in rehab. Now, he helps others get started on the road to recovery as a treatment expert.

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You are not alone, and rescue is possible. You are able to get out of this. You just have to believe that you can.

Mikey Tableman

Founder and CEO of “A Mind’s Pursuit”

Public speaker, mental health advocate, and entrepreneur, Mikey Tableman inspires others through his story of recovery.

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People feel alone in their suffering, and so many are suffering. It's ok not to be ok, and it's even more ok to talk about it.