Drug And Alcohol Statistics In Indonesia

Indonesia is a drug trafficking hub that has strict alcohol laws and a history of an abundance of Narcotics throughout the country. Additionally, the lush and beautiful travel destination has 6,000,000 people who abuse drugs out of its 273,523,615 inhabitants. While the government is responsible for some treatment programs in Indonesia, harm reduction programs are available. People in Indonesia have the choice of seeking treatment outside of Indonesia and in other countries.

Presently, Indonesia offers effective medication and detox for drug addiction and withdrawal. However, having options allows for someone to fully explore treatment methods they may not have in Indonesia, commit to treatment, as they are less distracted, and meet new and like-minded people with whom to connect.

Some Indonesians Prefer To Travel For Treatment

A recent news article cited the attitudes some Indonesians have toward healthcare. Despite some having access to medical insurance, the belief is that the care is not the best for patients. To add to perceptions, Indonesia has some of the lowest doctor-to-patient ratios in Asia. There are a reported 4 doctors to every 10,000 patients seeking medical treatment currently.

Hiring foreign doctors has been proposed as a potential solution to the problem; however, they have to meet local criteria and have necessary accreditations, be approved by the Indonesian Doctors Association, and learn the language, which can be a challenge for some. In response to this, many Indonesians travel to expand their treatment options. This resulted in over 600,000 Indonesians traveling to other countries, like Singapore, for assistance in 2015.

Reasons To Travel For Rehab

The decision to stay local for rehab, choosing a facility, or choosing to travel for rehab have unique pros and cons. In some cases, traveling for rehab can be more expensive than staying local. This depends on the medical insurance and preferences, such as luxurious amenities. People traveling for rehab often have the luxury of seeking treatment with anonymity. Considering they are in another country, they have the opportunity to get well without friends and family interfering with or judging them. The distance can help them focus on healing, as there are less triggers and distractions than there would be locally, such as people, places, and things.

Since people are away from toxic environments and have a new set of peers from group treatment, they can benefit from and become more dedicated to rehab. In some cases, staying local for rehab can tempt someone to drop out, thinking that having family and friends around are enough and detox isn’t important. Lastly, those seeking treatment in another country can travel between Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries when looking for treatment outside of Indonesia.

Traveling For Rehab: Treatment In Singapore

Singapore is close to Indonesia and offers extensive treatments for individuals facing drug and alcohol use disorders. While the country has offered detox for harmful chemicals for some time, recently, there has been an increase in people seeking help for alcoholism in Singapore. The National Addiction Management Services noted an increase in Singaporeans seeking alcohol treatment increasing from 240 to 410 in a few years. Fortunately, Singapore treatment centers have expanded and added more treatment options to accommodate both native and foreign patients. Therapies include:

  • Group therapy/support groups
  • Addiction awareness education
  • Individual therapy
  • Pain medication management
  • Distribution of treatment medication by medical professionals
  • Family therapy
  • Detox

Family therapy is not always commonly practiced in treatment facilities; however, family can be extremely helpful in the recovery process. Furthermore, family therapy allows relatives to offer support to the individual with an addiction, which is a necessary part of the recovery process. One-on-one therapy allows for personal connections to be made with therapists and counselors to explore the pathology of the addiction. Lastly, pain management helps patients use medications responsibly to assist in healing.

Traveling For Rehab: Treatment In Thailand

Thailand has effective treatment centers that rival the effectiveness of Western facilities. Exploring treatment options in Thailand can be helpful in becoming open to alternative practices such as spiritual and holistic approaches. For example, a well-known treatment center in Thailand allows patients to take vows of spirituality and drink herbal remedies. Out of 90% of the individuals who enter rehab at this facility, 60% to 70% are drug-free a year after getting treatment.

Despite the challenge of this powerful detox, the center is world-renowned and offers a spiritual experience to detox practices. Additionally, taking a vow encourages patients to not abuse substances. This strengthens their commitment and has proven to be a motivating factor in rehab. Fortunately, most who enter the center are grateful for the recovery options offered. Some rehab centers offer free lodging and detox services and luxury options for patients seeking higher-end amenities.

Change Your Life: Find Treatment Outside Of Indonesia

With several countries and treatment options available for substance use, change is possible. If you or a loved one seeks treatment and wants to travel, there are options available. Contact a treatment provider today to begin discussing treatment options.