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Article Category: Alcohol

Blacking Out From Binge Drinking Endangers Lives Of American College Students

Krystina Murray ❘

Several recently studies have highlighted the damage caused by binge drinking and blacking out, especially among college students.

New Study Shows Police At Highest Risk For Suicide Of Any Profession

Jena Hilliard ❘

According to a nationwide study, police officers are at a higher risk of suicide than any other profession due to access to deadly weapons and trauma.

Ethiopian Rehab Facility Begins Offering Treatment For Khat Addiction

Nathan Yerby ❘

Khat is a popular drug in Ethiopia, so the country's only publicly-operated rehab center has started to treat its patients for khat addiction.

New Breathalyzer Can Now Detect Levels Of Marijuana

Jena Hilliard ❘

A team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh has developed a breathalyzer device that can measure levels of marijuana in the user's breath.

Study Confirms Women More Likely To Endure Liver Damage From Binge Drinking

Krystina Murray ❘

Illicit Drug Spending Nearly Eclipses Spending On Alcohol In The US

Michael Muldoon ❘

American yearly drug spending is approaching the amount spent on alcohol per year. Researchers look toward governemtn for more research funding.

Colorado Dad Starts New S.A.F.E. Non-Profit To Promote Sobriety

Jena Hilliard ❘

Colorado dad, Duke Rumely, founded the non-profit Sober AF Entertainment to promote sober safe zones at events like tailgates and concerts.

Low-Level Use Of Alcohol And Miscarriage Risk Outlined

Krystina Murray ❘

Expectant mothers who drink can increase miscarriage risks. Other risks like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are also consequences with tragic impacts.

1 In 10 Older Americans Indulge In Binge Drinking According To Study

Krystina Murray ❘

Older Americans are binge drinking at greater rates. A new study details reasons why, including coping with health problems, and ways to reduce this issue.

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