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Drug Rehabs in Texarkana, TX

Alcohol and drug rehabs in Texarkana, Texas, have continued to treat opioid addiction. Meanwhile, meth abuse rates have increased every year.

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Substance Abuse Trends in Texarkana, Texas

In northeastern Texas on the border of Arkansas, sits the bi-state metropolitan city, Texarkana. Texarkana’s name is a combination of Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana, and the metro area is home to approximately 150,098 residents–37,679 of which live on the Texas side of the city. Once rated the fourth-most dangerous city in Texas, improvements in addiction treatment and the availability of it have turned crime rates around in the small metro.

Substance abuse treatment centers in Texarkana’s Bowie (Texas) and Miller (Arkansas) counties have historically reported higher admissions for alcohol addiction than illicit drugs. Until 2014, the sale of alcohol was illegal in Texarkana, meaning residents had to drive out of county to purchase it. Yet, alcohol-related crashes and drunk driving in the area have either remained stable or fallen since 2014. However, alcohol-related crime such as assault has remained high, making up a large percentage of violent crime in Texarkana. Likewise, rates of meth abuse (commonly linked to increases in violent behavior and erratic decision-making) have affected violent crime and drug trafficking in the area as well.

The Opioid Crisis in Texarkana

Though cities farther north and east of Texarkana have suffered higher opioid addiction rates, prescription opioid abuse is still high in the region. In Texarkana, 45.1% of prescription opioids are abused. Texarkana also ranks 10th among cities with the highest percentages of opioid addiction sufferers; 8.5% of Texarkana’s population misuses prescription opioids or abuses illicit ones like heroin. Subsequently, Texarkana prosecutors have filed suits against pharmaceutical companies for misleading doctors and patients concerning the addictiveness of their products.

For many who have had to deal with pain following an injury or operation, a single opioid prescription was enough to become addicted. There is a 6% chance of developing a dependence to opioids from a single day prescription–women may be at an even greater risk. When maintaining a supply of prescription opioids becomes too hard or expensive some turn to heroin use, where chances of a fatal overdose are much more likely.

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Substance Abuse Statistics for Texarkana



Authorities at the Bowie County Corrections Department estimate that nearly half of the women in its residential treatment program abused prescription opioids.


drug abuse violations

In 2015, there were 205 drug abuse violation arrests made in Texarkana–down from 448 in 2012.


alcohol-related crashes per year

Texarkana’s annual alcohol-related crash average fell from 37.9 in 2014 to 34.5 in 2015 and 2016.

Addiction Treatment in Texarkana

For residents of a border town like Texarkana, it’s important to ensure addiction treatment is either in your network (if using private or government-funded insurance), in-state (if using state aid), or in your price range. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services provides substance use services to all Texans aged 18 and older (some youth programs are available). Its services are based on your financial background and aid may be available to cover some costs. On the Texas side of Texarkana, residents can find addiction services like:

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