Health Net Insurance

Health Net Insurance, LLC, is an American insurance provider that was initially founded in 1977. Acquired by Centene Corporation in 2016, Health Net now provides Medicare Advantage plans in California, Oregon, and Washington; the company also provides behavioral health services through its subsidiary, Managed Health Network (also known as MHN). To see a directory of rehabs that accept Health Net insurance and other providers, click here and explore treatment facilities locally or around the country.   

Coverage with Health Net Insurance may include the following:

  • Either face-to-face or virtual meetings with mental health practitioners, such as counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists.
  • Behavioral health services offered in hospitals or residential facilities covered by the provider network.
  • Post-treatment or post-rehab services, including aftercare.
  • Medication for the treatment of Opioid addiction.
  • Career services and psychosocial rehabilitation.

What Plans Does Health Net Offer?

Health Net offers HMO, PPO, EPO, and HSP plans. A brief overview of these different coverage options is provided below.

  • A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) allows the insured to get care from a primary care physician (PCP) as well as from specialists referred by the PCP and covered within the HMO network.
  • A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) allows patients to receive care directly from specialists without PCP referral. A PPO will also provide some coverage for out-of-network care, though this will cost more than in-network alternatives.
  • An Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) allows direct access to specialists much like a PPO does. However, an EPO will not cover out-of-network care except in cases of emergencies.
  • A Health Services Plan (HSP) allows the insured to go to either their PCP or to a specialist. Out-of-network providers and services are not covered, unless it’s a medical emergency.

Health Net Insurance For Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment, also known as residential treatment, might involve the earliest and most intense stages of recovery — like detoxification. The good news is that multiple inpatient rehabilitation facilities are covered by Health Net’s network. The price of these programs will vary based on the length of stay, which might range anywhere from 30 to 90 days, and the services taken advantage of. Click here to speak with a treatment provider for additional information on payment options for treatment and Health Net’s coverage.

Health Net Insurance For Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment may occur after inpatient treatment, and can allow an individual in recovery to sleep in their own bed at night and to meet certain personal and professional obligations that could be impossible to fulfill in inpatient treatment. The specifics of the individual health care plan will dictate exactly which outpatient services are covered and to what degree, so it’s best to log onto the Health Net website or call their toll-free number to learn more about treatment options.

Using An Out-Of-Network Provider

The official guidance from Managed Health Network is to use a network provider whenever the patient is able, with MHN citing a reduced cost, rigorous standards of care quality, and MHN-provided support as potential benefits. With that in mind, some plans may indeed include coverage for services offered by out-of-network providers.

Health Net’s website allows the user to both search for covered providers locally and view their coverage document, which details more specifically the ins and outs of which out-of-network services and providers may be covered as well as to what degree. Please note that in an emergency medical situation, it’s always best to go to the closest hospital regardless of provider network.

Getting Care Now

There are many ways to pay for treatment for drug and alcohol addiction or to get help with mental health conditions. If you’re looking to take the next step, contact a treatment provider for help finding rehabilitation options in your area.