What Is Oscar Health?

Oscar Insurance Corporation, founded in 2012, is a health insurance company that is headquartered in New York City. It was started by Josh Kushner, Mario Schlosser, and Kevin Nazemi; the 3 men wanted to take advantage of the public exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act, and their company quickly attracted the attention of venture capitalists with its innovative and technologically-driven approach to health care.

These days, Oscar Health offers coverage in at least 9 states and boasts at least 40,000 customers. There are many ways that an individual can use their Oscar Health plan to get care for addiction and other mental health conditions, and some of them are detailed below. More comprehensive information can be found on Oscar Health’s website. Additionally, if you would like to view a directory of rehab centers available across the United States, click here and explore centers that accept Oscar Health insurance.

What Are The Advantages Of Oscar Health?

Individuals curious about their health conditions can get information easily with Oscar Health; according to an LA Times report, “From a computer or the smartphone app, members can type in what they feel is wrong, such as ‘I can’t stop wheezing,’ which would prompt several conditions to pop up, including asthma.” From there, it’s possible to book an appointment with a care provider and view a breakdown of the costs associated with treatment.

How Can A Member Find A Plan?

Members may visit the Oscar Health website and enter their zip code and birthday to find plans applicable to them. Several other resources are offered on the company website to help customers with this process, including a glossary of relevant insurance terms and a 2022 Open Enrollment process checklist. These resources may be especially helpful to those enrolling in coverage for the first time or those who have never had to seek treatment for addiction or other mental health conditions before. For additional information on coverage options in relation to drug and alcohol treatment, click here to speak with a treatment provider today.

How Can Oscar Health Help With Addiction?

Oscar Health is eager to help those struggling with mental health disorders like addiction; according to a page on Oscar Health’s own website, “we’ve built affordable mental health benefits into every plan we offer…From traditional talk therapy to tele-mental health visits, we want to help.”

Members do indeed have access to talk therapy, as well as group therapy, inpatient and outpatient rehab, and diagnostic testing for depression along with guidance on how to stop abusing alcohol — some offerings, like the latter two, are actually categorized as preventive care and may therefore be available to the customer for free. Preventive care can also include annual physicals, lessons on nutrition, myriad vaccines, STD screenings, and birth control options.

Inpatient And Outpatient Care

Inpatient and outpatient rehab both have their own advantages. Inpatient care tends to be more expensive but also more extensive; patients reside within a facility where they eat, sleep, and receive the care they need. In some inpatient rehabs, 24/7 care (such as round-the-clock access to a therapist) may be available.

Outpatient rehab, on the other hand, tends to be more modestly priced. Patients may attend rehab in-person for only a few hours per day or per week; they may even complete the entire program virtually. This can make it easier to hold down a job and meet other obligations while still receiving needed care.

Both options usually involve learning sustainable coping strategies, talking with and learning from others who have struggled with addiction and other mental health issues, and acquiring new and healthy habits to replace old and harmful ones. Many have achieved long-term success and sobriety from either or both options. Oscar Health may help cover the costs of these and other treatment options.

What Other Perks Come With Oscar Health?

Many health insurance providers offer their members perks, and Oscar Health is no exception. Those covered can book virtual doctor visits, use the company’s app to track their steps, and browse for in-network care providers at their leisure. Additional perks may be available depending on the specific plan chosen.

Get Your Care Covered

Oscar Health gives its members a suite of resources with which to address a variety of mental health and addiction-related conditions. If you need help now, there’s no reason to delay reaching out.

There are many ways to finance addiction treatment. Cost does not need to be a deterrent to recovery. To learn more, contact a treatment provider today to discuss rehab and payment options.