Inpatient centers are ubiquitous, but not equal

In essence, certain rehabs may not be right for certain people. Based on the specific needs of each individual, finding the right treatment center can actually be quite difficult.

For example, some treatment centers don’t have a detox program. People who enter rehab of their own volition might require detox, especially if they have been struggling with a dependence on opiates, which often requires medical attention.

However, there is more to finding an appropriate treatment center than just determining if detox is available. Treatment centers vary in an astonishing variety of programs, methods, prices, medical staff and fellow residents.

Why It’s Important to Find the Right Treatment Center

The most obvious reason it’s important to find a treatment center that meets the needs of the individual is that it increases the chances of a successful recovery.

Finding the right treatment center is an extremely important part of making a successful recovery. Although relapse absolutely does not mean failure when it comes to recovering from an addiction, treatment centers should be tailored to the individual to create the best possible chance of success.

It almost goes without saying that finding the right treatment center can be a great way to save money on treatment. If an individual makes a successful recovery the first or even second time around, they benefit financially by not having to pay for treatment again.

Differences in Treatment Centers

Every treatment center has the same goal, but may have contrasts that can mean the difference between full recovery and a future relapse. Different treatment approaches, for instance, are utilized by different treatment centers. While most treatment centers have a traditional approach to treatment, others may be more progressive.

Most treatment centers follow a 12-step approach outlined by AA, which is considered the most traditional way to tackle addictions. This approach, however, may not be effective for everyone, especially if it leaves residents feeling jaded.

A more modernistic recovery program is the SMART Recovery™ program. SMART™ is still an abstinence based approach, but the focus on powerlessness over substances is replaced with an emphasis on self-empowerment. It’s also more simplistic in its approach, consisting of only four points considered essential for success (opposed to 12). This approach is often given as an alternative for residents who refuse to commit to a 12-step method.

Religious beliefs can also be a factor in finding the right treatment center. Spirituality is often the crux of a successful recovery and many treatment centers base their programs heavily on certain religious ideals. However, this may not be the right approach for everyone, and there are treatment centers that don’t emphasize a religious approach.

Some treatment centers even specialize in treating those who have had several relapses. There are countless differences in treatment centers from luxurious, resort-like centers to rugged, outdoors centers to those specializing in idiosyncratic niche groups. Because addiction crosses all demographics, treatment centers come in all shapes and forms, which can make it difficult to find the right center.

Paying for Treatment

Sometimes, the hardest part about locating a treatment center is based on its affordability. It’s no secret that inpatient care isn’t cheap, but there are several ways to get around this hurdle if cost is an issue.

The most obvious way to go about paying for treatment is finding a facility that accepts your insurance provider. There are also treatment centers that are designed for low-income residents. However, having a low budget for treatment shouldn’t necessitate a need to sacrifice quality.

For example, it’s sometimes better to spend more money on treatment or buy a flight. Given that treatment is expensive, spending a little extra could save one money in the long term. This also applies to traveling to a treatment facility that fits one’s needs; the added cost of a flight can be a life-saving decision.

Why Addiction Center?

Addiction Center was created because of a sensed need for a reliable way to find recovery centers. As described above, there are innumerable nuances among treatment centers, which can make finding a treatment center overwhelming.

With all these factors in mind, it is important to analyze personal situation without bias. Individuals should never settle for treatment centers based on cost or location if they consider it’s not the right center for them.

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