Choosing Luxury Rehab Vs. Choosing Traditional Rehab


When choosing luxury rehab, options for treatment locations open up. Traveling away from home for rehab distances you from familiar triggers and environments that could hinder your recovery. Part of the luxury is the beauty of the location, the amenities, and the kind of activities you can do there. A luxury rehab along the coast will employ more recreational activities associated with the ocean compared to one located in the mountains. While not essential to your treatment, a beautiful environment may make the stay more pleasant.


The first thing that jumps to people’s minds when thinking about choosing luxury rehab is the quality of the amenities. The luxury facilities are often larger, with more pristinely decorated space. While many inpatient treatment facilities need to maximize their space and sleep multiple people to a room, luxury rehabs can offer each guest their own space. The accommodations afforded by the increased cost could be one of the reasons you choose luxury rehab.

Setting aside the facility itself, a bigger budget also allows for other types of service-based amenities. When you choose luxury rehab, you’re more likely to have access to chefs and full service kitchens ready to make tailored meals. Support staff, like physical trainers, massage therapists, and yoga teachers that would be too expensive to otherwise keep employed, can stay nearly full time at luxury facilities and help broaden the scope of the recovery.

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Treatment And Therapies

Ordinary treatment facilities and luxury rehabs offer similar treatment modalities, whether that be cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, medication assisted treatment, etc. Spending the extra money may get you more options to choose from in terms of treatment, but both price points will give quality care. Fewer people attend luxury rehabs, which is something to keep in mind if you value a low patient-to-care-provider ratio.

Less common supportive therapies are often omitted from rehab centers focused on affordability. For example, equine therapy, experiential therapy, and other non-essential enrichment options become much more common when considering luxury rehab. These programs may not influence how quickly you detox, but they can help keep someone in the mindset of change and new experiences.

Executive Flexibility

Generally, if you are pursuing inpatient rehab, it’s common to take time off from work. Many treatment facilities will forbid guests from bringing laptops or other computers because it could distract them from their recovery process and expose them to old triggers.

If you’re someone who works in a job where you lead a company or are responsible for large operations, then it may be impossible to truly unplug from work for long periods of time. Some luxury rehabs allow for their guests to continue working in order to fulfill their employment responsibilities. Choosing luxury rehab can provide some flexibility if you need treatment but don’t think you can get away for a month or more.

Finding Out More

If you’re looking for more information specific to your situation, reach out to a treatment provider today. It’s never too late to start down the path to recovery. Whether you choose luxury rehab or not, there is help available.