The Role Of Nutrition In Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehab offers unique amenities and treatments for those who prefer treatment in high-end, comfortable settings. The combination of treatments, innovative approaches, and gourmet meals add to the value of luxury rehab. The aim of luxury rehab is to accommodate guests; they can range from business executives, to celebrities, to those who can afford to pay extra for luxury amenities and special privacy needs. As a result, the patient-to-staff ratio is lower and service offerings can be more tailored to fit each facility and accommodate the high-profile patients. Health and nutrition are usually a major focus of luxury rehab; meals prepared by chefs, both nutritious and delicious, might be offered.

The Role Of Emotional Health And Wellness In Luxury Rehab

Keeping their clientele in mind, wellness services can include a variety of non-traditional treatment modalities including yoga, acupuncture, oxygen rooms, and equine therapy to remind individuals to stay grounded, centered, and present during treatment. Additionally, they provide adventure therapy, encouraging trust and excitement during recovery, and animal-assisted treatment. All available treatments increase feelings of well-being in various ways, from balancing emotions to deepening a sense of purpose.

Luxury rehab is generally more costly than standard rehab but offers patients gourmet meals with private chefs, higher-end treatments (spas, animal-assisted therapy, horseback riding), and health and wellness services. Furthermore, dietitians provide helpful information on nutrition to help patients improve their lives. Those staying full time at the facility receiving inpatient care will receive 24/7 access to all treatments and amenities; outpatient patients, however, would only be able to receive some of the unique therapies available such as support groups, medications, biofeedback, and one-on-one counseling when they are onsite.

Nutrition In Luxury Rehab

Individuals in the midst of a substance use disorder often put their nutrition last and lose valuable natural vitamins in the process. Fortunately, 1 of the benefits of getting treated for substance abuse in luxury facilities is the focus on wellness through food. Nutrition plays a major role in physical healing, recovery from addiction, and relapse prevention. Individuals suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse may skip meals or not have the desire for food. With care and guidance from licensed dietitians, patients can learn how to make their self-care a necessity by drinking water regularly, eating nutritious meals, taking vitamins, and getting exercise.

Individuals with both an eating disorder and substance use disorder may have a difficult time eating the meals needed to be healthy. Stimulants, for example, can decrease one’s appetite, which can lead to absorption of harmful chemicals that can damage organs. Another one of the focal points of luxury rehab is offering nutritional counseling and educating patients on meal planning and the value of healthy food for recovery and wellbeing. Chefs can demonstrate that meals can be both healthy and delicious. This empowers patients to choose healthy foods while enjoying gourmet-styled cuisines.

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Gourmet Food And Nutritional Plans In Luxury Rehab

The quality of dining makes the choice to attend luxury rehab appealing to many. Luxury treatment’s meals consist of top-tier, high-quality, restaurant-quality food items that offer dietary support. Additionally, private chefs may consider dietary requirements of some patients. This would depend on the individual facility. Those with special dietary requirements can contact treatment providers for more information. Offering enriching and delicious food plated with attention to detail can stimulate the appetites of some and encourage eating meals regularly. Additionally, gourmet foods in luxury rehab function to appeal to the patient’s preferred treatment style while providing essential nutrients lost during addiction.

Eating nutrient-rich foods can both feed the body and produce similar endorphins to improve someone’s mood. Like most facilities, patients receive nutritional care in the form of meal plans that helps to balance out the vitamins in the body lost during addiction. Dietary plans that ensure individuals in treatment have foods that provide energy, balance chemicals, manage cravings, promote healing, and enhance overall well-being. Lastly, patients who may have lost weight during their addiction due to drug activity can be encouraged to eat healthy meals consistently throughout their stay in rehab and regain healthy amounts of weight and muscle.

Mental, Physical, And Emotional Health In Luxury Rehab

Encouraging mental and emotional well-being in luxury rehab ensures that patients are able to function optimally, both physically and emotionally. There are traditional approaches to wellness and self-care, like 12-Step groups, while others are specific to the luxury brand of the facility. Wellness therapies in luxury facilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Exercise/Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Equine therapy
  • Oxygen rooms
  • Vitamin IVs
  • Music/Art therapy
  • Dolphin therapy
  • Massage therapy

Some luxury facilities offer spas on site in order to enhance wellness by promoting relaxation. Massages promote healing through touch. Dolphin therapy is a unique approach to bringing joy and present-moment awareness, while fitness stimulates endorphins in the brain. Other therapies that focus on providing emotional wellness such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture reflect the focus on holistic approach to treatment luxury rehab offers. Additionally, patients receive effective medications in order to effectively manage the effects of substance abuse.

Recover In Luxury Today

Most rehabilitation facilities offer quality treatment plans, medications, and aftercare plans, but those seeking an extra level of luxury can explore luxury treatment centers around the globe. Detoxing in top-of-the-line luxury can have many benefits and provide exceptional services, and the health and nutrition focus at luxury rehab is something patients may not find at standard rehabs. If you or a loved one prefers treatment in luxury settings, contact a treatment provider to examine options and ask questions.